Melissa Friederich

RPA Women’s month leadership series: Melissa Friederich

At RPA, we celebrate diversity, collaboration and believe that because of our unique contributions, we make a strong and powerful team.  Focussing on Women’s month, August 2023, we asked our management team a few questions about leadership, the role of women in management positions and advice for the younger generation of leaders.


We talk to Melissa Friederich, Portfolio Manager.

How do you approach leadership differently as a woman, and what unique strengths do you believe you bring to your management role?

In my view, a crucial aspect of leadership involves compassion and empathy – the ability to grasp the emotions that often find their way into the workplace, whether stemming from work matters or personal lives. Establishing personal connections with each individual is a strategy I prioritize, recognizing the significant impact of such bonds.

Moreover, I’m a strong advocate for teamwork, emphasizing that the support I receive from those around me is indispensable to my role. I believe that this inclusive mindset is a significant asset that greatly contributes to my effectiveness as a manager.


You have a beautiful young daughter. As you reflect on Women’s Month, what message would you like to share with your daughter and all young women about the future they can create for themselves?

The future is ours to shape, where no domain in the workplace or our personal lives is restricted by gender. Aspire to be a metalworker? Absolutely, here’s your mig-welder.

In this realm of endless possibilities, hard work and unwavering determination pave the way for your success. The future is a canvas waiting for your unique imprint!


Can you share your thoughts on the importance of resilience and adaptability in leadership, especially when faced with unexpected challenges?

Resilience stands as a cornerstone of effective leadership, particularly in times of adversity when team members seek guidance from their leaders. The capacity to maintain composure, think with clarity, and make well-informed decisions is paramount. Without this anchoring ability, a team would be adrift without a course.

Beyond the realm of leadership, adaptability reigns supreme in life at large. The inability to embrace change in its various forms stifles personal growth and progress.

A leader who lacks these attributes could unwittingly steer their team into the realm of chaos, inadvertently assuming the role of a matriarch of disorder.

Melissa Friederich