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RPA Women’s month leadership series: Leigh Metcalf

At RPA, we celebrate diversity, collaboration and believe that because of our unique contributions, we make a strong and powerful team.  Focussing on Women’s month, August 2023, we asked our management team a few questions about leadership, the role of women in management positions and advice for the younger generation of leaders.


We talk to Leigh Metcalf, Director.

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to enter leadership roles or advance their careers in management?

You don’t need to compromise your femininity within the professional realm. Place trust in your own capabilities and cultivate a sense of self-worth and unwavering confidence. Establishing a robust network within your industry is of paramount importance, as it empowers you to tap into the invaluable support of your peers. Being a member of Women’s Property Network has proven pivotal in facilitating access to pertinent networking avenues, many of which have blossomed into enduring and meaningful friendships.


How do you create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and creativity within your team or organization?

Cultivate inclusivity and avoid monopolising tasks. Allow each team member to contribute their unique strengths, and understand that occasional missteps serve as valuable learning opportunities. Embrace a receptive stance towards suggestions originating from your team.


You have a beautiful daughter at university.  What advice do you have for other mothers who are striving to raise confident, ambitious, and compassionate daughters?

I fostered self-reliance from an early stage, which in turn nurtured a sense of confidence. Moreover, showering your children with affection serves to bolster their self-assurance, and consistently affirming their worth further contributes to this development. I’ve also guided my daughter to pursue her own passions, even when they differ from my own, and I always make a concerted effort to attentively listen when she shares her academic pursuits.


As a successful woman in management, what legacy do you hope to leave behind for the next generation of aspiring female leaders?

I aspire to be recognised for my fairness and reasonableness, but more importantly, to impart valuable lessons to the next generation. It’s my sincere hope to instil in them the art of managing difficult scenarios and the importance of contemplation before taking action—urging them to pause and reflect before reacting.

In addition, I consistently advise my management team to establish their individual brand presence. It’s imperative that their names become synonymous with their own expertise and contributions within the industry, preceding the company they represent.

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