Julie RPA leadership series Women's month August 2023

RPA Women’s month leadership series: Julie van Zyl

At RPA, we celebrate diversity, collaboration and believe that because of our unique contributions, we make a strong and powerful team.  Focussing on Women’s month, August 2023, we asked our management team a few questions about leadership, the role of women in management positions and advice for the younger generation of leaders.


We talk to Julie van Zyl, Portfolio Executive.

In your opinion, what are the unique strengths and qualities that women bring to leadership roles?

Empathy, patience, the ability to empower others,  problem solving and communication skills.


How do you see the future of women in management evolving, and what changes do you hope to see in the corporate landscape?

As perspectives shift and women embrace their self-assurance and skills, industries historically dominated by male leadership will inevitably acknowledge the remarkable leadership prowess and consequential impact women bring to shaping a business’s trajectory. My aspiration is for a world where every woman, irrespective of age or cultural background, enjoys equal prospects in leadership, and where outdated stereotypes are dismantled.


How do you approach failure and setbacks, and what role do they play in shaping your leadership style?

I view failure and setbacks as chances for introspection, personal development, and a chance to re-evaluate one’s perspective. The world around us constantly evolves, presenting new challenges and interactions. Adapting to this ever-changing environment demands a flexible mindset and approach. Embracing change becomes crucial, as sticking to old methods doesn’t always guarantee success.

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