delna RPA leadership series Women's month August 2023

RPA Women’s month leadership series: Delna Kapp

At RPA, we celebrate diversity, collaboration and believe that because of our unique contributions, we make a strong and powerful team.  Focussing on Women’s month, August 2023, we asked our management team a few questions about leadership, the role of women in management positions and advice for the younger generation of leaders.


We talk to Delna Kapp, Financial Manager.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned throughout your career that have contributed to your growth as a leader?

Criticism is like a tool for growth, not something to tear you apart – just make sure it’s the helpful kind. Each day is a chance to improve, but you’re not in a race against others. Your journey is about becoming the best version of yourself, not outdoing someone else.


You have a beautiful young daughter.  What values and life lessons do you prioritize passing on to your daughter to help her navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

Instilling in my daughter, from an early age, the notion that achievement comes through dedication and not through entitlement, is a fundamental aspiration. By teaching her the understanding that success is a product of hard work rather than something effortlessly bestowed, I’m confident that she’ll be well-prepared to face life’s challenges with resilience and determination.

At the core of our household are values that hold the highest significance: respect for every individual, the capacity for empathy, and an ethos of kindness. I’m firmly convinced that if she consistently prioritises these values, they will serve as her guiding compass, ensuring that she leaves a positive impact wherever her journey takes her.


In your opinion, what are the unique strengths and qualities that women bring to leadership roles?

Women in leadership roles understand the power of effective communication – how it can either build strong teams or create hurdles among team members. Empathy and emotional intelligence come naturally to many women, especially in roles where managing intricate emotions is vital. Nurturing these connections becomes a unique skill set in itself. Our knack for multitasking further adds to the equation.

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